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Welcome to a new approach to printing.

The problem: You don’t want to pay the ridiculous prices that manufacturers charge for ink, but you are probably worried about what they say about not using their ink, they seek to scare you about warranties, trying to lock you into their high prices, so here is the solution, don’t buy a printer, use ours – we trust our ink so much that we provide the printer for you to use our ink in, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Choose either a pay as you go scheme or a subscription service – premium quality at unbeatable prices.

For example our version of Brother toner is £35.95 for high capacity 4K print, whereas the manufacturers own ink is £108 per cartridge! No wonder people want to buy compatible but they worry about their warranty – here comes more good news, it is patent safe – and we supply the printer – all brand names!

It makes so much sense to use good quality compatible ink like ours so start saving money today – so what’s stopping you – see our savvy customer case studies if you need more convincing! Fill in our contact us form or email us today.

We are a local company serving schools and businesses across the five counties of Cheshire, Flintshire, Shropshire, Wirral, and Wrexham with a simple and efficient way to meet their printer needs.   We keep it simple – you want to print cost effectively, we want to supply you with our ink – the solution is Printers Unlimited by Roberts Ink

We supply you with our quality printers and MFD print/copiers on a free loan.   No hidden costs tucked away in complicated contracts – a new and simple way of doing business.  We supply our printers on a free loan basis to our customers, and you buy the toner and consumables from us. It is as simple as that. Saving you money every time you print! That’s our pay as you go model. No outlay in buying equipment, you only pay for consumables.

If you prefer a subscription model then we can supply the printer, estimate your annual usage and set up a monthly payment to that level, again with our ink in our printers.

And if that isn’t enough, we will collect your used cartridges and ensure they are recycled, so there is zero waste.

Contact:     Telephone: 01244 566330  or 07498 991688

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