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Welcome to our office musings. Printers Unlimited by Roberts Ink is all about words, our heart and soul is in printing and publishing, and we love working with schools and business to enable great communication. Our blog aims to simply share with you interesting things, or at least things that interest us!  We hope it informs but also entertains,  so get a cup of coffee, tea, cool glass of water, and have a 5 minute browse  – as all work and no play is no fun!

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Events all around Shropshire

Cheshire updates                       Victorian Music Hall makes a comeback

Live performances from Arts Alive

Flicks in the Sticks Programme (we love this)

If you would like to share an interesting article, event or nice image then send it to us to suggest as a post to this ‘time out’ page.  We would love to hear from you.

What a summer – great weather and UK at its best

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