The most strangest of times!

Stay safe and well

The weather has been reflecting the unpredictable nature of 2020 so far. We have seen soaring temperatures, torrential rain, high winds, and then calm and beautiful sunny days. At the same time we remain uncertain about the easing of the lockdown as so many are vulnerable and the last thing anyone wants to do is see the number of cases rising.

We have taken a quiet stance here at PU. Ready to support our customers when they need us, particularly our care homes and schools but it has been a lot quieter. If you need toner/ink we are, in the main, posting it out rather than delivering whilst we wait – as we are all waiting, for this virus to be subdued. The summer months are going to be the most worrying as we just don’t know yet if there will be a second surge – so we wait, and wait, most of us being cautious and willing to go slowly as these are the strangest of times.

Let’s hope this virus is seen off soon.

Remember, if you need more printing supplies we are here for you, just email us or use the contact page.

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