August Mayhem

August brings more mayhem as this surreal year continues to wreak havoc. Yet again we see schools on the front line, this time battling to save the grades of their pupils. What does it matter if the grades are a bit inflated this year, they will still be a fair assessment, as Ofqual themselves said ‘there is no one better placed than your teachers to judge your likely grade if the exams had taken place’ Ofqual 7.8.20 And if one or two schools have submitted everyone gets an A then let them be investigated, I doubt any had but if the exam boards had looked at the data schools sent in they could easily see any really outrageous ones, so let the 2020 cohort have their Centre Assessed Grades – as the only fair way to resolve this debacle. Let’s hope that decision is made before GCSE results are published.

Stay safe and well!

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