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2020 has been a tough year and we are all struggling to make sense of things. We are still here for all our customers and we cover a lot of services as our customers are schools, care homes, dentists, doctors, opticians, vets, hotels, and a myriad of local businesses. We have supported them by adopting covid safe measures to enable us to deliver and provide trouble shooting when needed to keep the print/copy devices going for them. We are doing more online and postal delivery where needed, and are offering a range of options to suit different business needs; from our long standing and popular pay as you go deal, with a free loan printer and they pay for toner as you use it to our monthly contract including toner for those that need to budget for even payments each month. Different approaches to suit their needs – and we are still big on our recycling of everything!

This month the focus is on our schools as they have ploughed on through the term in lockdown through Wales and then England! A little bird told me about the special offer Morrison’s supermarket are running so we thought we should pass it on, 10% off for all school staff

to add to their offer they have been running a while for NHS staff –

Another bonus for teachers is the teacher discount site – all helps to make Christmas a bit cheerier!!

Let any teachers in your family know!!

Discounts for teachers UK
Discounts for teachers, now that deserves an A+!
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