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The story so far

The Journey so far

Printers Unlimited is part of Roberts Ink Ltd. And Roberts Ink has the printed word at its heart and soul. Printers Unlimited is an important part of the family  in providing an innovative scheme for schools and business to have cost effective printers.

Roberts Ink engaged in publishing and creative writing as its founder, Tom Roberts, is a writer of fiction and current affairs.  Some of his work can be seen on his personal blog on this link Creative writing

He still enjoys visiting schools to talk about the importance of creativity and it was from that passion that all things related to print, publishing, and inky emerged!  As the company expanded we began publishing and some of that work can be seen via this link Roberts

Recycling all empty cartridges, we will collect them for you.

Printers Unlimited supplies free printers to schools and businesses on loan, and in exchange they buy their ink and toner from PU and we encourage all our customers to recycle their ink by offering a free collection scheme – we are proud to be part of the zero waste programme and are very keen to recycle all used cartridges.

Contact us to become part of the solution – print – copy -scan – and always recycle – with Printers by Roberts Ink

Zero waste by Printers Unlimited (Roberts Ink)  

Printers   Contact:  Tel 01244 566330

Publishing     Contact      Telephone: 07498 991688

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