Is there a minimum amount of consumable I must buy every year?

We just ask you to pay for the first set of toners at the beginning of the scheme. From then on it is just what you need.

I am worried that the price of your ink/toner will be well above the market price

We undertake to source the best prices so we are competitive, you can be reassured that there is no hidden catch here.  We want your repeat custom – and we only get that by providing you with a good service and fair pricing, that is competitive. Our ink is patent safe for use in the branded printer and is premium quality. We are more than half the price of the manufacters own ink, and still premium quality.

Do I have to pay any quarterly charges or ‘click’ charges.

No. You just pay for your consumables that you use – this is a big saving over managed print contracts that charge you for maintaining the printers, we don’t charge for normall servicing other than the consumables.

Schools often ask – Do I need LEA approval – for the scheme?

No. There’s no need for LEA approval as it is NOT a finance agreement nor are you tying your school into a long term contract – an end to those 3/4/5  year managed service contracts that you wish you hadn’t signed up for.

Can I buy my own toners if I can find them cheaper?

No, the agreement is that we supply the toners – that is why you have pir printers free. Don’t worry though, we do so at competitive prices – you can find dirt cheap but we don’t advise putting dirt in the printer!! Our ink is premium quality and patent safe, but still half the price of manufacterers own ink. We put our money where our mouth is as the ink we supply goes in our printers that you can use, free of charge. .

Will the printer cope with the printing demands of a busy office/school environment?

We only use branded printers that suitable for high capacity use and are very well engineered. We select them for this scheme because of their reliability and ease of use.

What happens if there is a problem or the printer breaks down?

If we cannot repair it then we will replace it with a new or professionally refurbished unit. We are locally based so can be out to you within 24 hours. We will provide free email and telephone support to help you with any issues you may have.

What happens if I want to return the printer?

That’s fine, we ask that you give us a month’s notice in writing.

Are empty consumables recycled in keeping with green policies?

Yes. We are partners with zero waste recycling and would love you to keep the empty cartridges for us to collect when we are delivering your orders. Click on ‘Our partners’ for video to see what happens to them  Our partners – Zero Waste Recycling   You don’t need to arrange collection, we collect it from you and then we contact zero waste recycling to collect them from us. We are very keen that we recycle all our empty cartridges so nothing goes into landfill.

We hope you are interested and look forward to building a long-term relationship with you and your business/school.

Just email or phone us on 01244 566330  (if the line is busy leave a message and we will get back to you) – once we have discussed with you what your requirements are, we aim to supply you within the week.

Customer Information Sheet: Customer Information sheet


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