A local hotel had bought 4 printers and was finding the ink costly and they had no support. They are lovely business savvy folk who could see that the managed print offer from our competitors was going to work out expensive for them, so they did their homework and found us. New multi function Samsungs went into the office and others were supplied for those needing to work from home, they liked the pay as you go scheme so a happy ending, with no cost for the printers and half the price to what they had been paying for their ink.

As icing on the cake for us that we try to time our deliveries to sample their fantastic lunch menu too – win, win!!! https://www.hundredhouse.co.uk/

A number of local schools were keen to have new printers for both offices and for classroom use and saw our advert so contacted us to ask us would we really supply the printers at no cost!!!! A happy headteacher now has a dozen printers around the school for happy staff to use, at half the price of what it was costing. LEAs & Academies Wrexham, Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester,

A sad story

A larger business wanted to replace their fleet of aging printers, we pitched to them but they struggled with the concept that they didn’t have to lease the printers off us, we would provide them free of charge, they over thought it trying to see where was the catch (there isn’t one!!) They were scared of using compatible ink in what they perceived as ‘their’ machines so went with a manufacturer and signed a five year lease, paying multiple thousands to lease the printers and have cost per copy on top. They have been paying that lease right through the pandemic and not printed a page, what a waste of money. They came back to us when they finally realised that there was no lease cost with us and the compatible ink would be going in our printers that we supply, so not their problem, but it was too late, they can’t get out of the contract. Follow the savvy examples above and don’t take the path of this sorry case.


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